Welcome to my blog!

GraphicSpoonCMYK-01Hi! Come on in. Stay awhile.

I feel like since we may have just met, I should introduce myself! My name is Kerry. I started this blog because I love cooking, photographing, writing and sharing. I love the way I feel when I feed my loved ones. I love the way it feels when someone says “that was the best <insert whatever they ate> I’ve ever had!” I love the way it feels when I get in the kitchen, get to work, and everything else in my head takes a rest while I focus on creating dishes that may cheer up a sad friend, help celebrate a festive occasion, or calm a new mom by giving her one less thing to do.  Food does so much more than feed our bellies.

I’d been in the restaurant business (in some way) since my first job at 16 (which entailed being part of the opening crew for a new restaurant-  a priceless experience). Even though I’ve always loved to cook, my jobs were always in the Front of House, waiting tables then eventually management, but I always tried to learn everything about the food, the way it was made, and why it needed to be made that way (I did prep some and learn a lot about catering while managing at a local favorite restaurant here in Little Rock). It’s hard not to develop a passion for food when you work so closely with it. Now fast forward to today, where I’m happily and passionately focusing about 99.99999736% of my time and energy into my two kiddos, with a side portrait photography gig forcibly nudged in there somehow to protect some semblance of a Self other than Mom. I’ve always shared food related posts casually, and kept a Blogspot blog on and off, but I plan for this site to be a much deeper effort to organize myself somewhere in the culinary world, because I feel like I’m home here.

I chose “Steal My Recipe” because I want you to take them. Take them all! But then, when you’ve made it, I want you to change it somehow (use a different fruit, a different flour, a different cooking method, etc). Make it your own, and put your name on it. That’s the joy of sharing our recipes so freely online- we can be inspired by each other and come up with better, more creative dishes that way. I don’t know about you, but that sounds great to me. I’m here to share what I have to give, and hope that it proves useful and delicious to you!

Thanks again for visiting. I hope to see you here often!


3 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog!

  1. alysha says:

    I love what you say about ‘stealing your recipes’ 🙂 I can’t say I haven’t felt possessive every once in a while about a recipe that I’ve modified, but, thankfully, have realised that sharing a recipe means more people get to taste the food, and talk about it, and help improve it.


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